Become a Green Youth Indaba 2024 Partner

Join us in making a significant impact on the future of the green economy by partnering the 9th Annual Green Youth Indaba. Your support will empower young innovators, foster entrepreneurship, and drive sustainable solutions to tackle climate change.

Why Partner?


Showcase your commitment to sustainability and innovation.


Connect with industry leaders, policymakers, and the brightest young minds in the green economy.


Contribute to meaningful projects and initiatives that address critical environmental challenges.

Partnership Benefits

Brand Alignment

Your organisation can increase its visibility among youth audiences and stakeholders interested in environmental sustainability and green initiatives by partnering with the Green Youth Network.

Access to Target Audience

The Green Youth Indaba attracts a diverse youth audience from across South Africa, providing your organisation with a valuable platform to engage with young scientists, innovators, and advocates interested in environmental and sustainability issues.

Youth Engagement

Your organisation can contribute to youth engagement and capacity building by sharing scientific knowledge, research findings, and best practices related to environmental conservation and sustainability.

Innovative Solutions

The Green Youth Indaba provides a platform to showcase innovative research projects, technologies, and solutions developed by young scientists and innovators, aligning with Your Organisation 's mission to promote scientific excellence and innovation.

Networking Opportunities

The partnership opens doors for networking and collaboration opportunities with other organisations, government agencies, and industry leaders involved in environmental conservation and sustainable development.

Thought Leadership

Your organisation can position itself as a thought leader in environmental science and sustainability by participating in panel discussions, workshops, and other activities during the Green Youth Indaba.

Employee Engagement

Involvement in the Indaba can boost employee morale and engagement by allowing them to contribute to a meaningful cause, fostering a sense of pride in their company's values.

Contribution to National Sustainability Agenda

By supporting initiatives like the Green Youth Indaba, your organisation demonstrates its commitment to advancing the national sustainability agenda and promoting environmental stewardship among youth.

For partnership opportunities, please contact Malibongwe Xaba on [email protected]

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