• Welcome to the Green Youth Indaba

    Green Youth Indaba is a youth conference bringing industry experts and youth together in effort to expose career and entrepreneurial opportunities within the green economy.

The 7th Annual Green Youth Indaba 2022

29th – 30th June

Green Youth Indaba 2022 Concept Note

GYI Provincial Roadshow

Green Youth Indaba Provincial Roadshow travels across the 4 provinces with a focus on the 6
District Municipalities – (Rural and Township areas)). This will be in various municipalities to
advance and promote youth interest towards the green economy specifically
Enviropreneurship/Green Entrepreneurship amongst youth.

Green Innovator’s Pitch

Green Youth Network in partnership with the Department of Science and Technology, Fibre Processing& Manufacturing SETA and Energy and Water SETA are calling for youth within the Green Economy to participate Big and Win Big as we ensure a sustainable future.

The Indaba

The objective of this year’s Green Youth Indaba is to go beyond exploring opportunities for youth within the green economy but to effectively explore and unpack necessary strategies that can create an easy access to support and funding for green innovation and the skills transfer needed to eradicate youth unemployment and poverty.

Over the past 6 years, we have created an impact-driven platform for youth within the green economy.