Attention Journalists and Media Professionals!

We are excited to invite you to cover the 9th Annual Green Youth Indaba (GYI), a ground-breaking event bringing together young innovators, industry leaders, and environmental experts to tackle some of the biggest climate change challenges in South Africa.

Why Attend?

Gain Insights

Gain insider access to innovative ideas and cutting-edge solutions in the green economy.

Interview Speakers

Opportunity to interview key speakers, industry experts, and top young innovators.


Connect with influential figures in the green economy and fellow journalists.


Capture the energy and impact of a transformative event dedicated to driving sustainable development and job creation.

Event Phases to Watch

  • Pre-pitch session in Durban, where the Top 5 Green Innovators are selected
  • Green Innovators Pitch 9.0 at GYI Day 1
  • Announcement of the Top 3 Green Innovators at GYI Day 2, with the winner receiving a R250,000 prize

Join us as we celebrate and promote the next generation of green innovators who are paving the way to a sustainable future. Your coverage can help amplify their impact and inspire broader action against climate change.