Young South Africans take action in waste management and recycling

Young South Africans take action in waste management and recycling

Waste management is a concurrent function amongst all spheres of government and the department of environmental affairs as the custodian for environmental management is mandated to ensure a safe and healthy environment that is not harmful to the well-being of the citizens of the country.

Thato Kgatlhanye and Rea Ngwane, two former childhood friends who are now business partners, launched Repurpose Schoolbags, an innovative “green” social venture. The creation of the two businesspeople combines solar energy, recycling, and education by producing backpacks for students. The solar panel in the backpacks charges during the day as the child walks to school and is constructed of 100% recycled plastic.

The kids can then use these as light sources to study and complete their homework after dark. Additionally, reflective strips have been added to the backpacks’ design as a safety precaution to help youngsters be seen when walking to school in the early morning.  Through this business, a problem that affects South Africa’s rural and non-electrified areas is resolved. started in 2014, Repurpose Schoolbags has grown and now has eight full-time employees, including six women.

They collect plastic from landfills and also from local schools, who organize campaigns to encourage students to bring plastic for recycling. The plastics are then transported to their workshop, where they are transformed into textiles, then sewn into bags and then distributed. The factory produces about 20 bags per day.

This innovation not only helps reduce plastic and clean up the environment, but also restores dignity to students in rural areas who should have used plastic bags to carry books. It also helps children learn at night and be seen in morning traffic.

Recycling is the separation and collection of materials that would otherwise be considered waste, the processing and remanufacturing of these items into new products, and the use of recycled products to complete the cycle. submit.